ACPS School Council

Armidale City Public School Council is made up of parent, staff and community representatives.  We usually meet once per term and our role is to assist with goal setting and directions for our school and working out what are the most important matters our school should focus on. 


The council is provided with an updated budget at each meeting which allows members to monitor the school's expenditure and financial status.  School maintenance and opportunities for extra funding are investigated and followed up regularly.  The school council has also been involved in assisting with the school's self- evaluation and planning activities and plays a role in reviewing and giving feedback on the School Improvement Management Plan.


In 2007 and 2008 we did an exploration of values in our school.    Values believed to be important by our school community include a sense of belonging and community involvement; welcoming diversity; a good culture for learning; respect; care and compassion for each other; caring for the environment; working and playing in a good physical environment; and open and effective communication between and among parents, students and staff. 


The school council welcomes feedback and ideas from the school community about what are the most important matters for our school and how we can ensure that the above-mentioned values are reflected not just in the broad philosophy of the school but are alive in the everyday activities and management of the school. 


The school office will have contact details for the current members of the school council.