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Last updated 10:56 AM on 15 September 2011

Keeping kids active and healthy has been made easier with the relaunch of the Healthy Kids website.

Healthy Kids is the main source of online information in NSW focused on the prevention of childhood obesity through healthy eating and physical activity.

The website's five main messages you can share with your kids are:

  • get active each day
  • choose water as a drink
  • eat more fruit and vegetables
  • eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives
  • turn off the TV or computer and get active.

The website has great information, such as lunch box ideas, buying on a budget, how to make the most of organised sport, ideas on keeping kids active, and tips on keeping kids healthy.

There are nine fact sheets for you to download as well as five new fact sheets that have been designed specifically for children.

The website includes advice on assessing a child's weight status and on safe ways to work towards a healthy weight.

The Healthy Kids website is a joint initiative of NSW Health, the NSW Department of Education and Training, Communities NSW and the NSW Division of the National Heart Foundation.

Find out more on the Healthy Kids website.