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Last updated 4:36 PM on 7 February 2014
One of the most valuable ways you can support your child's education is to help them learn how to organise themselves and plan their time. 
It starts as early as Kindergarten, when they need to plan going to the toilet at lunch and recess and bring things to school for different activities on certain days. 
By the time they're in Year 6, they've hopefully taken on much of the responsibility of scheduling their afternoons to accommodate sports, homework and other obligations.
Most children find planning easier to understand when they have a visual representation of their day or week in front of them.
The School A to Z website has created monthly planners for 2014 that include all NSW public holidays and school term dates to help your family plan ahead. You can print them each month, or "Print all 2014" pages in one go. 
You can also help your child learn to manage their daily tasks and responsibilities by using a weekly schedule template.
Learning to schedule things takes time, but it's a vital life skill which certainly makes family life run a lot smoother, too.
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